So long (for now), and thanks.

So I’ve decided to blow up the blog.
I’m 1000% okay with it.

Writing has been sporadic at best around here, and half the time I would post something only to take it down a few weeks later because I didn’t like it anymore. ProTip: Self-doubt is a vicious, heartless bitch. And then the hosting renewal bill came in, and since I’m still not working, that’s $200+ I don’t need to spend.

So, as of June 6, this little space will evaporate into the ether. It’s okay. My heart hasn’t been in it since last fall, when I attended a writing workshop and was told that “oh, nobody’s reading personal essays anymore.” Seriously. I paid actual cash money for registration and a flight and an Airbnb to have some plaid-shirted internet bro-type casually dismiss my writing style over lukewarm apple cider. WTF. I’m still angry about it.

Anyway. I’m also working on another project. A few of you already know about it. It’s super-close to my heart, and it’s not ready yet. I’m not sure when it will be, or what it will even be. But I’ve been scribbling on it for the past month or so, letting it breathe and letting it decide where it wants to go. It feels like the right thing to be working on right now.

Oh! And I’ve been doing some (paid!!) freelance writing. I’ve been learning a ton about academia and writing and even more about myself. Turns out that running between events and interviews, meeting new people, and trying out an entirely new gig is also the right thing to be working on right now. Aside from the really needing to make more money part, that’s pretty awesome.

So, until I’m ready to get back to wasting time fumbling around on a new half-ass website, you can find me over on Instagram or Facebook, where I’m doing what I did here on a smaller scale.

I went ahead and reserved a new domain name, so I’ll be back. Eventually.
In the meantime, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for being generally awesome. You guys were always the best part of this little experiment.

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4 thoughts on “So long (for now), and thanks.

  1. robininalaska says:

    Um. I love you so much. I still will read whatever you put out. (Heh. Put out.) Even if it’s an essay. Especially those. Screw the casual internet bro who shall remain nameless. I’m excited about your next project, however it decides to come out (PS- listening to blue babies pink. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Don’t make me.)

    • Heather says:

      RIGHT? Isn’t BBP amazing? Also, I’m gonna have some draft material in the next week or so.

      Thanks for always reading and always believing in me. You are one of the best parts about this journey. <3

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