Notes from the Unemployed: Week One

Holy crap, you guys. I had to leave my job last week. Yes, the new, interesting, high-paying one that was supposed to be the next big, exciting step in my career. I had to quit. That's really all I have to say about it. But it's fine. Everything is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, right? Nothing to worry about. [...]

I am writing again and THIS TIME I MEAN IT.

Hey, remember when I was going to turn this into a cooking blog? Same HB, same day-to-day disasters, just with, you know, cooking thrown into the mix? And I even archived my old posts and blew up my FB writer page so You Knew I Was Serious? Do you have any idea how much actual [...]

It’s been a while.

Hi, guys. I know. I haven't written since, like, January. I mean, I've been writing - mostly in sporadic fits and starts on drafts that don't want to be published - but I haven't been putting it out here. Self-doubt is the worst. In case you're wondering, I'm feeling better since that last post. Better is the [...]